Straight Talk

I am always attracted to much older men- A letter from Kim B.

Danice Akiyoshi

Danice Akiyoshi

By Danice Akiyoshi, N.D.

Q: When we are out, people often assume that my date is my father and in the end this is why they always break up with me (I look very young for my age too). They say they feel embarrassed by these comments.  I do not have any father issues either.  I love my dad very much. I just seem to feel attracted to men who are about twenty years older than me.  Is this really that abnormal?

A: Human attractions are unique and personal.  There is nothing abnormal about that, it’s simply a fact.  You are not writing me about any father figure issues so I won’t address anything in that arena.  My suggestion is to spend your time with people you’re attracted to and hope that one day something greater develops with that special person.  This is the way it works for everyone.  If comments from outsiders are enough to cause someone to break up with you then you can be sure that it wasn’t a good match for you.  The right guy for you won’t get overly caught up in the opinions of others.  Meanwhile enjoy your days.