NEW General Plan Advisory Committee

City of Diamond Bar

Diamond Bar- Diamond Bar City Council is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the newly-created Diamond Bar General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC).

The Diamond Bar GPAC is a volunteer ad hoc advisory committee whose purpose is to make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on a variety of uses related to the update of the city’s General Plan. Member tasks include reviewing research and analysis, identifying issues, visions and key policies, and providing advice and input into the Plan.

Council’s goal for the Diamond Bar GPAC is that its members be diverse in age, gender, background, experience and interests, but that they share the common, community-wide, long-term vision and perspective to city growth and development over the next 20 to 25 years.

The ideal applicants should be able to serve on the committee for the duration of the General Plan Update process- approximately three years- and participate in nine meetings. They must be at least 16 years of age, and either live, operate a business, or have a proven record of community service in Diamond Bar.

Every city and county in California is required to develop and periodically update a General Plan, and use it to guide decision-making on a variety of matters, including land development, capital improvements, and resource conservation. While General Plans do not have a definity shelf life, a 20 to 25 year cycyle is the accepted norm. Diamond Bar’s original General Plan was adopted in 1995.

The prospective GPAC member application, along with additional information about the Diamond Bar General Update, is available on the City website at Applications may also be picked up at City Hall (21810 Copley Drive) and Diamond Bar Center (1600 Grand Avenue), or requested by mail by calling the Diamond Bar City Clerk’s Office at (909) 839-7010. Completed applications are due back to the Diamond Bar City Clerk’s Office no later than Thursday, September 15.

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