Arrests At Nocturnal Wonderland Festival

Staff Reports

San Bernardino- The Nocturnal Wonderland Festival was held at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, about 22,844 people attended and 176 arrests were made after day 4 on September 4.

The gates opened up around 4 p.m., as the festival goers entered the grounds, they were searched, and their ages were confirmed by a valid form of identification. The California Highway Patrol, San Bernardino County Probation, and Sheriff’s Department organized to have uniformed and undercover law enforcement on patrol to monitor alcohol and beverage control with the help of K-9’s.

Of the 176 arrested that were made, most of them were drug and alcohol related as well as trespassing. There were 2 attendees transported to the hospital for various medical reasons.

According to San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, “One music complaint was received from the neighborhood near the Amphitheater. Deputies and sound engineers responded to the complaint to take a decibel reading. The purpose was to ensure the reading did not exceed the County Code for loud music. The music was found to be within the acceptable limits.”