Council Recap

By Tiana Goegebuer

The August 10th, 2016 City Council Meeting was attended by Council members Clint Lorimore, Adam Rush, and Richard (Dickie) Simmons, as well as Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Tessari and Mayor Ike Bootsma.

Natalie Diaz, the Student Liaison from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, kicked off the meeting by presenting her report to the Council. She discussed the quickly-approaching first day of school and back to school nights, as well as the progress of the STEM program at ERHS.

In the Public Comment section of the meeting, a representative of Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School commented on the construction taking place near the campus. He expressed his appreciation to the city for doing a great job working with the schools and construction companies to make after school pick-ups as smooth as possible.

Both items on the Consent Calendar (6.1-6.2) were approved 5-0.

There were no Public Hearings, so the topic moved to 8.1. The Council discussed making recordings of each meeting available to the public via YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud. Recordings of the meetings are currently available on the City website, but the new platform would allow listeners to toggle and listen to the portions of the meetings they would like to focus on, instead of having to listen to its entirety. Meaning, citizens who were unable to attend the meeting physically to would be able to hear the entire thing or just parts of it at their own discretion. The Council approved the use of YouTube as a platform to share the City Council Meetings 5-0.

The City Manager and Staff Members encouraged residents to attend Eastvale Day on September 10th at the LA County Fair. There will be an Eastvale Community Day parade at noon for which Eastvale Dignitaries will be in attendance, along with the 2016 Eastvale Community Hero, Jane Anderson. It was also discussed that the City had received a number of phone calls regarding the dead-end on Riverboat Drive, west of Hamner Avenue. The calls prompted the City to discuss looking into additional options that would alert drivers to the fact that it is not a through street.

The meeting ended with closing statements by the Council members.

The August 24th, 2016 City Council Meeting was attended by Council members Clint Lorimore, Adam Rush, and Richard Simmons, as well as Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Tessari and Mayor Ike Bootsma. The invocation was led by Pastor Ed Moreno from New Day Christian Church.

The Public Safety Commission updated the Council on their upcoming projects, which included updates on grant status, construction progress, and a few of the items on their agenda for the coming month. Next, Student Liaison Natalie Diaz gave her report on the events taking place in the local schools. She started by saying that “The school year is in full swing,” and then began listing some of the unique activities that each school will be hosting over the course of the next few weeks.

There were no Public Comments, so the meeting progressed to the Consent Calendar. Item’s 6.1 through 6.8 were all approved 5-0.

The meeting then progressed to the Public Hearings section of the meeting, and item 7.1, the Verizon Cell Tower Appeal, was presented. The applicant, Kevin Sullivan, a Verizon representative, presented the project and the information requested by the Councilmembers at the July 13th meeting. In a PowerPoint, Sullivan presented the design plans for a 50 ft. cell tower disguised as a palm tree that would be built on Grapewin Street. He discussed the improved coverage for Verizon customers that would be a result of the new facility, and said that the tower would not result in any material visual impact. At the request of the Council at the July 13th meeting, Sullivan also presented information on a few possible alternative sites for the facility. After Verizon evaluated the other locations, the conclusion was that from both a technical and planning standpoint, the Grapewin site was still the most effective and would cause the least impact to the surrounding communities. With that, Verizon asked that the City approve their requests to move forward with the project.

With the conclusion of the presentation, Mayor Bootsma opened the floor to comments from the public. Three citizens stepped forward one after another to state their support for the project, followed by three citizens who were opposed to it. Some of the concerns stated by those opposed included the possibility of the tower being a visual nuisance, that the antennas would not withstand the high wind speeds, and that there were better alternative locations available. Sullivan, representing Verizon again, addressed the concerns by saying that the structure would be sound and would look the way it was presented to the Council. After further questions and comments by the Councilmembers, the item was approved 3-2, with Simmons and Tessari voting against it.

Item 8.1 was approved 5-0. The Council then moved to Item 8.3, which was a report on the Roadway Adoption Program’s progress. The program allows local groups, people, and organizations the opportunity to adopt local streets and keep them litter free over a 1-year time period. The responsibilities of the individual or group would be to remove litter 6 times per year and write a report after each clean-up event. After 2 successful clean-up days, the “owner” of the roadway would have their name placed on a recognition sign on that street. Councilman Simmons and a citizen expressed concerns that the program would be used as a commercial endeavor that businesses would use as an avenue for advertisement. The Council voted to approve the draft of the Program 4-0 (Tessari had to step out to take a phone call), as long as the staff looked into ways to prevent the program from being used for advertisements.

The next Item on the agenda, 8.2, opened a discussion about the future of the Eastvale Community Foundation, which recently had 4 officer positions vacated, leaving the Foundation unable to conduct business. As a result, the Council voted to suspend the Foundation, have the City staff take over the books as well as the military banner program, and cancel this year’s golf tournament, and it passed 5-0.

The meeting concluded with closing statements by the City Manager, City Staff, and the Councilmembers. It adjourned at 9:45.

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