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There is currently a plethora of scams out there aimed at getting your money. Criminals will continue coming up with different scams to get your money by either tugging at your heart strings or putting fear in you through a threat, often perceived to come from a government agency such as the IRS or law enforcement. Please note the following information to help you not fall victim to these scammers and share with friends and loved ones to keep them safe as well.

One of the common denominators is that the criminal will ask you to make payment through the following methods: Green Dot Cards, I-tunes Cards, Western Union, Money Gram or other wire transfers. Anyone asking for those forms of payment is scamming you.

Legitimate government or bill collecting agencies will not use the above mentioned tactics to collect from you. Members of law enforcement agencies do not accept payment for outstanding warrants and do not enforce delinquencies for other government agencies, such as the IRS. If you receive one of these calls please do not give out any personal information and do not wire any money.

If you have questions or believe you are a victim of such a scam, please contact your local Sheriff’s Station.