SBSD   There is currently a plethora of scams out there aimed at getting your money. Criminals will continue coming up with different scams to get your money by either tugging at your heart strings or putting fear in you through a threat, often perceived to come from a government agency such as the IRS […]

Cluster Mailbox Theft/Security FAQ

City of Eastvale   Who is responsible for our mailboxes and cluster mailboxes? The mailboxes and cluster mailboxes used throughout the city are federal property under the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are controlled by the United States Postal Service, a branch of the federal government. What should I do if my mailbox is […]

March 2016 SGV News

March 2016 SGV News

SGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: March 2016 SGV Newspaper

Don’t Be Shy


By L.E.A.F.F. (Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters) The phone number for the EASTVALE POLICE DEPARTMENT is (951) 776-1099. Remember: DON’T BE SHY. Your job is simply to report an incident, and law enforcement will take your call seriously and check out the situation. What you see and report may be invaluable and may save lives. […]