Angiel Air: Customer Service Is Their Priority

Staff Reports

angiel-air-hvac-work truck

Fifteen years experience providing heating, ventilation and AC services that keep your home comfortable and safe. (Photo Courtesy: Angiel Air)

Eastvale – Summer may have officially come to an end, but the summer heat is lingering.  Not only do you want to ensure that your air conditioning is running at peak performance, but it’s also time to check your heater in preparation for the cooler months ahead.  Angiel Air is ready for your call.

Angiel Air, Inc. is a local, family-owned Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning company that takes pride in the service they provide to their customers. It is their mission to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

When there is a problem, you want it fixed fast, no matter what time of day it is.  Angiel Air is there for you, even after hours and on weekends.

Angiel Air offers competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee, providing a complete range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for both residential and commercial needs.  With more than 20 years experience in the industry, they are HVAC certified, licensed and bonded.

Angiel Air started their family business in Eastvale more than five years ago, and local residents get free estimates and discounts on all repairs. But Angiel recommends that you don’t wait until something breaks to call them.  By scheduling regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating units, as well as the cleaning of dryers and air ducts, you not only save money in the long run, but you can ensure that your systems will provide top notch performance when you need them.

Says Jennifer Angiel, CFO of the company, “We love our business!  There is no better satisfaction than fixing an air conditioner when a customer is hot and mad, and making them feel heavenly.”

So don’t wait until you’re hot and mad.  Call Angiel Air today and make sure that you’re air conditioner and heating units are ready to work when you need them.

Call Angiel Air at (909) 923-9086, and be sure to visit their website at for additional information and local discounts.  Like them on Facebook at, and get great tips, customer reviews, and even more details.

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