Artist Corner

By Racine Guajardo

Miss Lady Pinks artist-pinks-web

Miss Lady Pinks grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in the City of South San Gabriel/ Rosemead area. She was born in Hollywood, Ca and is honored to be the daughter of two Spanish-only speaking parents who are still married. Therefore, she was brought up to be very cultured and Spanish was her first language. As a single mother, she is also very proud of her only lovely daughter.


Pinks first album came out in 2007, after she met fellow artist Mr. Capone-E, becoming the first female signed to the label HiPower Entertainment. She describes her music as coming straight from the heart. She talks about relationships, the lifestyle she was exposed to growing up, plus more. Not only can she rap to any kind of beat, she can also do some singing. Pinks puts every album out like the soundtrack of her life and loves when fans message her saying how much her music has helped them through hard times and states, “it means everything and worth it when I hear those words.” When Pinks was asked what makes her different from other artists, she answered, “First off I’m humble, I’m real, very outspoken, I tell it like it is and call it how I see it! Many people throw what I mentioned around like nothing and may say the same only difference is that I mean it! I don’t just talk it, I walk it!” Not only is it tough to be in the music industry, but also competing as a woman in a male dominated world. Pinks says, “I always thought it would be nice and also a good idea to have a Female artist that many of us Chicanas can relate to but never did it cross my mind that would be me.”


The latest album just came out called, “Murder She Wrote” and will be local at the Fontana Indoor located at 9773 Sierra Ave. Fontana, CA. She will be doing an autograph signing from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with the album and merchandise for purchase.


Miss Lady Pinks can be followed at multiple social media accounts; Instagram: @missladypinks1 and @pinkrozey Facebook: missladypinksofficial Snapchat: missladypinks1 YouTube: missladypinks1 Twitter: missladypinks1