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Times Two

By Racine Guajardo

What was amazing was the blessing that would be created by two..

Cliche to say but I never knew a love like this existed so pure and true..

Conception to birth, bringing you to face everything on this earth..

Shielding you from all evil, I dare anyone to step to you..

You see one person, yet I stand with an army of angels guarding you..

My vow is to endlessly love every aspect, whether it be good or blue..

Our time here is very limited..

I prefer to lead by example, so you see exactly what is your value and worth..

Everything I do, I do for you..

My life seemed to have no purpose or substance til I laid my eyes on you..

You fall, You get up, You get mad, You laugh and smile..

Can’t even shut my eyes for a second because you already grew..

Blessed was an understatement..

The love for my child doubled in a blink of an eye..

A baby girl TIMES TWO!

Artist Corner

“Life Is What You Make Of It”  artist-web

Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira

By Racine Guajardo

Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira is a Mexican American rapper from Compton, CA. He was originally born in Whittier CA, and then lived in East L.A. until about the age of 7, where he moved to Compton after the L.A. riots occurred.

At a young age Chavira developed a passion for music, saying, “I did my first freestyle at 11 years old when my cousin’s hyped me up to bust a flow. They inspired me to buy the latest Album by “2Pac” at that time, which was “All eyes on me”, after that I was stuck on Hip Hop.”

As he became a teenager, Chavira says, “My neighbor would come over my house and ask me to work on a mixtape with No Limit Records beats.” They recorded a few tracks; however the tracks hadn’t been released. After High School, he started free styling for fun. A friend suggested that Chavira should take it serious, so he introduced him to his uncle G.L. from Mil2Mil Records. He then recorded his first song the very next day. He made two albums with M2M record’s called “The Best of Ten” & “Worlds Apart”. Chavira rapped with M2M till about 2008.

After Chavira parted ways with Mil2Mil, he was able to focus on his own music. He came up with my own label S.M.O. (Sounds Made Original/Smoke Me Out) in 2008. Since then, he has produced 2 independent albums “Success is challenging”(2010) & “Inspired by Jealousy”(2012). As well as having a greatest hits album, that includes a catalog of his favorite songs between 2006-2016 Called “10 years in the making”.

Chavira talks about what sets him apart from others saying, “I’m not just out for the money; I’m building a strong loyal fan base. No voice overs (only the hook). I rap aggressive but I’m really a sweetheart.” Also saying, “My originality of bars is inspiring, uplifting, and catchy.”

Once he entered the hip hop scene, he started performing weekly and monthly; you can catch him performing till the end of this year and next year in 2017.  He performs locally in the greater Los Angeles area including Orange County.

Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira can be found on multiple social media sites, Facebook: Eterno Champion, Instagram: Eternochampion, Soundcloud & Youtube.

Artist Corner

Andrea Cruz

By Racine Guajardo andrea-cruz-1-web

Andrea Cruz was born in Lake Tahoe, California but later moved to Southern California at an early age.  A sketchbook and pencil played a huge role in her upbringing. Her first influence was her Grandfather, saying, “He was the one that opened my eyes to the arts.” He was the one to put her first pencil in her hand and helped guide her through her passion as he was a self-taught colorblind artist.

At the age of 10, Cruz learned the meaning of life and death as her mother had lost her battle with cancer. The more she tried to comprehend what happened, the more she dove into her sketch book. After high school she moved to Hollywood, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she became homeless and lived her life on the streets of Los Angeles for the next 4 years.

No matter what extremes Cruz was faced with on a daily basis, one thing that she could count on was her sketch book and pencil that she carried around with her everywhere she went. It became her release and comforted her with the overwhelming amount of emotions she was experiencing. Through all her life experiences, she became more in tune with herself and the world around her. In 2004, she started experimenting with paint. The longer she worked with art, the more she realized how much it has helped throughout her life.

Cruz realized that creativity helps build self-esteem with young kids and adults across the board. She wanted to create a platform for people to express their creative side.

“I have been able to be part of some wonderful organizations with my art like donating my creative expertise, for example, building a dollhouse that won third place in a contest for Habitat for Humanity, to help them to raise money for the organization. Partnership with Orangewood Foundation, helping our foster youth and soon to be aged out fostered teens express their creative sides by introducing them to painting on canvas,” Cruz said.

When Cruz was asked what she would like people to know about her she said, “I am passionate about my art and it is important to live my life through my passion. I believe that we are all born with talents, it is up to us to recognize them, find ways to develop them, and as we are inspired, it will inspire others.”

She is a self-taught artist; her own style allows her to be able to break down any paint for anyone to understand.

Today she has found a way to be able to share her talent as an artist by creating a business with her close friend, Oscar Torre. In 2015, they formed a paint and sip company called, The Painter’s Loft.

“From day one, I knew we had something wonderful that we were offering to our customers. Oscar, with his witty sense of humor and zest for life, connects wonderfully with each of our customers. He creates a wonderful synergy while I step by step instruct the painting of the evening,” Cruz said.

Cruz has since been featured in numerous publications including: The Chocolate Voice and Inland Empire Magazine. Her work has been featured in Dallas, Southern, and Central California. She also sells her work to a collector in the Philippines. She currently has art pieces hanging in The Robbins Nest Wine Bar in Orange County. You can also visit The Painter’s Loft several times a week at Mimi’s Café in Corona and Chino Hills, The Robbins Nest in the Artist Village district in Santa Ana, Renata’s Café Italiano in Orange County, and Rodrigo’s Mexican Restaurant in Corona. Throughout the week, Andrea and Oscar instruct private parties in four-counties (Riverside, San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles County).

Andrea and Oscar can be found on multiple social media sites including, Facebook: The Painters Loft, their website: www.thepainters-loft.com, Instagram: the_painters_loft, and Twitter: @thepaintersloft.

Artist Corner

By Racine Guajardo

Miss Lady Pinks artist-pinks-web

Miss Lady Pinks grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in the City of South San Gabriel/ Rosemead area. She was born in Hollywood, Ca and is honored to be the daughter of two Spanish-only speaking parents who are still married. Therefore, she was brought up to be very cultured and Spanish was her first language. As a single mother, she is also very proud of her only lovely daughter.


Pinks first album came out in 2007, after she met fellow artist Mr. Capone-E, becoming the first female signed to the label HiPower Entertainment. She describes her music as coming straight from the heart. She talks about relationships, the lifestyle she was exposed to growing up, plus more. Not only can she rap to any kind of beat, she can also do some singing. Pinks puts every album out like the soundtrack of her life and loves when fans message her saying how much her music has helped them through hard times and states, “it means everything and worth it when I hear those words.” When Pinks was asked what makes her different from other artists, she answered, “First off I’m humble, I’m real, very outspoken, I tell it like it is and call it how I see it! Many people throw what I mentioned around like nothing and may say the same only difference is that I mean it! I don’t just talk it, I walk it!” Not only is it tough to be in the music industry, but also competing as a woman in a male dominated world. Pinks says, “I always thought it would be nice and also a good idea to have a Female artist that many of us Chicanas can relate to but never did it cross my mind that would be me.”


The latest album just came out called, “Murder She Wrote” and will be local at the Fontana Indoor located at 9773 Sierra Ave. Fontana, CA. She will be doing an autograph signing from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with the album and merchandise for purchase.


Miss Lady Pinks can be followed at multiple social media accounts; Instagram: @missladypinks1 and @pinkrozey Facebook: missladypinksofficial Snapchat: missladypinks1 YouTube: missladypinks1 Twitter: missladypinks1

Say Hello To Our New Assistant Editor

By Sarah Sanchez   

Chino – We are proud to welcome Racine Guajardo as our new Assistant Editor for all our newspapers: OurWeeklyNews.com,  CityofEastvaleNews.com, and the SGVNews.com.

Racine Guajardo new Assistant Editor

Racine Guajardo
new Assistant Editor

“Racine has done such a fantastic job with her creativity, ongoing support of responsible journalism, creative writing, and constant input towards making this paper more informative; she deserves this promotion,” said Michael Armijo, President of ABC Public Relations and acting editor.

Racine is a Chino resident and a proud mother of two. She has two beautiful girls named Kylie, 3, and Natalie, 2. She spends all her spare time with her girls. She enjoys taking them to Disneyland, the beach, or other outdoor activities.

Something you wouldn’t know about Racine is that she is a tattoo enthusiast and loves to attend Tattoo conventions.

She is also proud to say she was born and raised in the Chino Valley Unified School District. She is currently pursuing her English degree at Chaffey College.

Racine is excited to be promoted to Assistant Editor after being an in-house reporter for ABC Public Relations and Armijo News.

“I appreciate the company giving me the opportunity to have more responsibility as Assistant Editor,” said Racine in a recent interview. She stated that she will strive to “constantly come up with ways to be resourceful to the community.”

Racine has a passion for writing and wants to continue using the newspaper as an informative and helpful source. “If anyone has ideas, pictures, or article suggestions, please send them to me!” said Racine. You can email pictures to editor@anapr.com or call our office at (909) 464-1200 to submit story ideas.

“I’m confident Racine will continue to grow and climb a very successful ladder with her passion for writing and her commitment to informing residents of news and information within our communities,” added Armijo. “We welcome her to the management team.”


Outdoor Fun and Relaxation

Fairmount Park

Photo courtesy: Racine Guajardo

Photo courtesy: Racine Guajardo

By Racine Guajardo  

Riverside- This park features various entertainment for a family filled day such as, two tennis courts, playground, picnic facilities, a rose garden, fishing at Lake Evans and Brown Lake, lawn bowling green, barbecue areas, and a restored historic boathouse that offers pedal boat rentals.

Fairmount Park is located at 2601 Fairmount Blvd. in Riverside. The park lies between the Santa Ana River and Route 60 to the north with an area of 35 acres. If you exit Market Street, the destination is on your right side, which is easy to find!

At the park, there is access to walking trails. Walks around the park and on the bridge also give a nice view to see wild life such as ducks and geese on the Lake.

One man fishing said, “this is one of few places that I enjoy fishing at.” He also said he likes going in the evening time about 5 or 6 p.m. because he caught 4 fish in one day.

A Chino resident, Mary Gonzales says, “ I went two weeks ago (at the concert in the park) it was nice a lot of families having fun enjoying dancing and barbecue. I was also there about 2 months ago for a huge car show that had a DJ and a taco man.”

The bonding experience between parents and kids are memories you won’t forget. Michael Mascarenas says, “I like Fairmount Park mostly because of the environment, its family friendly, they allow pets, my daughter loves to fish in the lakes, and the park itself is big and roomy with nice playgrounds.”

Families enjoy taking the drive to Fairmount to escape the heat. Indio resident Marlena Arcides loves to take her three boys and says, “We always take a walk around the whole park and stop in the rose garden area and finish off at the play ground. Robert said his favorite part is the tank, Isaac said his favorite is the play ground and Damian said he likes everything about it.”

Within Fairmount Park, there is also a service kitchen for banquets and meetings that may be rented through the Park and Recreation Department at (951) 826-2000. Also, there is a nine-hole golf facility that you can go to whether you are new or an experienced golfer. The Fairmount golf course has a lighted driving range with mats or grass hitting areas, 2 practice greens, a meeting facility and snack bar and we are open 365 days a year.

If you would like to know more information, you may visit www.riversideca.gov and look under the Parks, Recreation, & Community Services.

Nearby Places For Summer Fun

Applewhite Picnic Area And Campground

By Racine Guajardo  

Photo courtesy: Racine Guajardo

Photo courtesy: Racine Guajardo

Lytle CreekLooking for family-oriented outdoor fun? Applewhite picnic area and campground is fun for families of all ages.

The Applewhite Picnic and Campground areas are located off the 15 freeway, exiting Sierra and North onto Lytle Creek Road, just three miles north of the Lytle Creek Ranger Station.

You can spend the day in the picnic area by purchasing an Adventure day pass for $5 at the Lytle Creek Ranger Station. They are also available at the gas stations once you exit Sierra.

The picnic area is surrounded by trees, rocks, and refreshing cold water flows in the creek for those hot summer days. They also allow pets as long as they are on a leash. Trash cans and restrooms are provided while urging visitors to clean up after themselves upon leaving. There are 184 available parking spaces and 14 accessible parking spaces. Once filled, the site closes to any other vehicles on busy summer days. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Interested in camping for the night? You may purchase a campsite for $10 or double campsite for $15 at either the Lytle Creek Ranger Station or the self-serve station drop box, which accepts cash or check. By purchasing a campsite, you are free to walk to the picnic area for day use. The campground does not provide dump stations or electronic/water hook-ups. Quiet hours on the site are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The check-out time is 2 p.m. the following day. No reservations are necessary; it’s all on a first come first serve basis. Campground also allows pets on a leash.

For additional information and rules, you may visit www.fs.usda.gov