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Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira

By Racine Guajardo

Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira is a Mexican American rapper from Compton, CA. He was originally born in Whittier CA, and then lived in East L.A. until about the age of 7, where he moved to Compton after the L.A. riots occurred.

At a young age Chavira developed a passion for music, saying, “I did my first freestyle at 11 years old when my cousin’s hyped me up to bust a flow. They inspired me to buy the latest Album by “2Pac” at that time, which was “All eyes on me”, after that I was stuck on Hip Hop.”

As he became a teenager, Chavira says, “My neighbor would come over my house and ask me to work on a mixtape with No Limit Records beats.” They recorded a few tracks; however the tracks hadn’t been released. After High School, he started free styling for fun. A friend suggested that Chavira should take it serious, so he introduced him to his uncle G.L. from Mil2Mil Records. He then recorded his first song the very next day. He made two albums with M2M record’s called “The Best of Ten” & “Worlds Apart”. Chavira rapped with M2M till about 2008.

After Chavira parted ways with Mil2Mil, he was able to focus on his own music. He came up with my own label S.M.O. (Sounds Made Original/Smoke Me Out) in 2008. Since then, he has produced 2 independent albums “Success is challenging”(2010) & “Inspired by Jealousy”(2012). As well as having a greatest hits album, that includes a catalog of his favorite songs between 2006-2016 Called “10 years in the making”.

Chavira talks about what sets him apart from others saying, “I’m not just out for the money; I’m building a strong loyal fan base. No voice overs (only the hook). I rap aggressive but I’m really a sweetheart.” Also saying, “My originality of bars is inspiring, uplifting, and catchy.”

Once he entered the hip hop scene, he started performing weekly and monthly; you can catch him performing till the end of this year and next year in 2017.  He performs locally in the greater Los Angeles area including Orange County.

Elias “Eterno Champion” Chavira can be found on multiple social media sites, Facebook: Eterno Champion, Instagram: Eternochampion, Soundcloud & Youtube.