Times Two

By Racine Guajardo

What was amazing was the blessing that would be created by two..

Cliche to say but I never knew a love like this existed so pure and true..

Conception to birth, bringing you to face everything on this earth..

Shielding you from all evil, I dare anyone to step to you..

You see one person, yet I stand with an army of angels guarding you..

My vow is to endlessly love every aspect, whether it be good or blue..

Our time here is very limited..

I prefer to lead by example, so you see exactly what is your value and worth..

Everything I do, I do for you..

My life seemed to have no purpose or substance til I laid my eyes on you..

You fall, You get up, You get mad, You laugh and smile..

Can’t even shut my eyes for a second because you already grew..

Blessed was an understatement..

The love for my child doubled in a blink of an eye..

A baby girl TIMES TWO!