Artist Corner

Rosemary Tuthill

By Racine Guajardo  artist-corner-rosemary-web

“Try and see all the great art that you can, find your voice, and be sure that this is really what you want to do.” Barbara Ernst Prey, Visual Artist.

As a favorite quote of Rosemary Tuthill, she was born in Orange and now a current resident of Eastvale, California. She has been drawing since she was in kindergarten. Over time, she has explored a range of media from clay, watercolors and acrylics to airbrush as well as oils when she was in high school. In college, she studied art, interior design, and finally electrical engineering. After working in Research and Development for 24 years, she was able to follow her true passion of painting full time. Her work has been shown in galleries; she paints art for print sales, and paints commissioned portraits and landscapes.

Tuthill realized that photos are wonderful way for capturing a moment in time, but oils can memorialize a person or memory and create an heirloom one brushstroke at a time. She is proud to be able to be share her love of art with her oil paintings and being a part of peoples’ lives by sharing her skill with Paint and Sip parties where she leads participants through an acrylic painting step-by-step. Here, she emphasizes art as fun in relaxed social environments including museums, galleries, wineries, and homes.

So many people have influenced Tuthill’s life, but her biggest role model and most proud of is being the daughter of renowned painter and muralist Emigdio Vasquez. He created over 400 oil paintings, works, and more than 32 murals in North Orange County, California. Through her art, she feels a bond with her father. Rosemary grew up in the presence of artists, art shows, exhibits, and events. From the time Rosemary was old enough to help, she served as Emigdio’s model for murals and portraits, and later assisted him in his art career as a liaison to galleries and as his exhibits coordinator. From her father, she gained an appreciation for oil painting and a study of the works of the Old Masters with an eye for lighting effects, layers with degrees of translucence, and layout with expression. She is very meticulous in all of her works including portraits that range from photo-realistic to gritty rendition, to landscapes with amazing detail, still-life works that capture realism, and even pet portraits with amazing detail.

Many artists are able to create paintings in hours. However, Rosemary says, “My portraits take up to a few months because of the multiple layers and I tend to paint three works at a time to enable both drying and planning times.” In the painting community, there is more male Hispanic artist than female, “I have the talent to create art, I need to represent my background and gender,” says Tuthill.

Tuthill has displayed her art in galleries alongside her father’s paintings and as a standalone artist. She currently have three paintings in the Riverside County Administration Center hosted by the Riverside Arts Council where you can see Packinghouse Orange, California Circa 1948, Night of the Altars, and a portrait of Charles Darwin. The exhibition runs until February 2017.

“Look for beauty in all that you see. You cannot appreciate humanity without trying to understand the context of everyday struggles and triumphs,” is Tuthill’s advice if she could give any.

Rosemary Tuthill can be found on two websites, and As well as on two Facebook pages: Amazing Portrait Paintings by Rosemary and Amazing Pet Portraits by Rosemary.