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“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” – Robin Williams

By Racine Guajardo

Original Riot  or1

A group of three friends from Eastvale, CA have come together to form a rock band called, “Original Riot.” They are Coryn Cahill, Leyla Lagueux, and Dayton Goegebuer. Dayton started playing guitar when he was 5, Coryn started singing when she was 5, and Leyla started playing guitar when she was 10. The trio met through music lessons with Michael Anderson and the Rockstars of Tomorrow Studio in Norco, Ca. “Since we shared our passion of music with each other and had similar style and interest we decided to get together, and it’s been amazing!” All three have been highly influenced by Michael, Chuck and all the instructors at the Rockstars of Tomorrow Studio. However, a big influence has come from the support and encouragement of all their families. Each one had someone specific whose support has impacted them personally; Leyla says her dad Jef, Coryn’s Grandpa Bill, and Dayton’s brother Hudson.

Original Riot’s style is primarily punk/alternative rock. However, they said, “sometimes after school when we are playing music together at one of our homes it is not uncommon to randomly change up the sound with a banjo, ukulele, trumpet, saxophone, baritone or keyboard.” At times they like to switch things up a bit and even trade instruments between them, just for fun. “Music is our passion and our ultimate style is to have fun with it!”

When Original Riot was asked what makes them different, they said, “None of us think we are that different from other kids our age.”  Original Riot has been able to find interest beyond music also saying,

“We’re just regular 12 and 13 year old kids, we go to school together, we like to go camping, paintballing, road-tripping with our families, etc. We are good friends outside of band practices or performances and enjoy doing things together in addition to our musical passions.  We have been performing together for going on 2 years now.”

For being so young, the three had great advice: Don’t give up, no matter how hard it might get (Leyla). Always do your best and be true to yourself (Dayton). Work hard for the things that you love (Coryn).

Original Riot says, “We enjoy getting together and collaborating to create our own music. We are excited to be working on our 4th original song! We love our fans and are excited for every opportunity we get to play for our friends, families and supporters in the crowd.  It’s amazing to have one of our Grandparents cheering for us! We seriously love you all!”

Original Riot has played at the House of Blues Anaheim, San Diego, Glasshouse, Whisky A Go Go, Troubadour, Chain Reaction, Vault, Relay For Life, several Community fundraising events, including the San Antonio Hospital and an event honoring our Veterans in Dos Lagos. Coming up: You can see them at the House of Blues in San Diego on November 19th 2016! Facebook message them for tickets!

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