New Ladder Truck Goes Into Service

dsc_4071BY CVFD

The Chino Valley Fire District recently placed into service a new ladder truck that will serve the Chino Valley for well over a decade.

The 2016 Rosenbauer aerial ladder truck is housed at Fire Station 61 on Schaefer Avenue in Chino. It has multiple built-in features that enhance the safety and effectiveness of our personnel responding to calls for help.

The new piece of apparatus also features Green Star Technology. A built-in generator will kick on when the apparatus’ parking brake is set and has been idling for three minutes. This feature will save fuel, lower emissions, reduce maintenance cost and extends the lifespan of the apparatus.

The new truck is equipped with vital rescue equipment that includes the Jaws of Life to extricate victims that become trapped after a traffic collision, advanced life support equipment for paramedic services, ventilation and forcible entry tools for structure fires, and many other firefighting tools.

The previous ladder truck that has served the Chino Valley for 12 years will now serve as the reserve truck, retiring the District’s current reserve truck that is 22 years old.

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