Embracing Change

By Julia Rohrabaugh

During the four years of gaining my Bachelor of Science from UC Davis, my peers and I were asked to define ‘life.’ One of the main concepts we could all agree on was that life is constantly in a state of change.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate, don’t have a secure job, and nearly 25 thousand dollars in debt; or you’re a mother whose son just died in a car accident, who can barely face her husband in the morning—we all have to find something to get us up in the morning.

What do you use your life for? I think one thing we can all agree on is that life is really, really hard. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even get up in the morning and brush my teeth again, wash my face again, take another shower, and keep myself alive for one more day. What makes it easier during these hard days though, is knowing that everyone else who cares about their personal hygiene and health is also doing exactly the same small daily tasks.

There are times when I feel helplessly the product of my environment, and although sometimes I succumb to these thoughts falling listlessly into a routine daze, I am also always pulled out of it. It is possible to take agency in how you think and to change what you think about—conscious thinking. There is something in me that refuses to just exist. I want to prove I exist. I don’t just want to sustain myself, I want to thrive.

There is a war going on right now in our country as we struggle to find our identity. If you are afraid or not, I challenge you to reflect on your feelings. If you are like me and wish better for other people, then treat them how you wish you were treated. I assure you that you are not alone, and simply extending this understanding will make people feel a sense of belonging. Belonging is what we need right now. There is something that makes us all different, however some differences are given more attention than others. You as an individual determines what or whom you identify with. Do not let others define you—express yourself. Be aware of the conversation. Do not just absorb your surroundings, but react to them. Let your life be changed.

Your existence influences the people around you simply by being present and active in their lives.

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