City of Eastvale Awarded $250,000 for HSIP Grant

By City of Eastvale

Eastvale- The City of Eastvale was awarded $250,000 for the highly competitive Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funded by Caltrans. The city plans to install crosswalk enhancements by retrofitting existing traditional pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections with Countdown Pedestrian Signals at 46 locations and audible APS Controller Units at 22 locations.

Studies have shown that the countdown signals, both visual and audio, are less confusing for pedestrians. They are less likely to begin crossing the intersections if they know that they will not have enough time to completely cross, based on the information provided on the signal. In addition, the timing greatly reduces the likelihood of pedestrians being caught in the middle of the crossing when the vehicle signals change. The City’s goal for this project is to greatly improve safety, encourage walking and avoid pedestrian/vehicle collisions.

The City of Eastvale was recently recognized as the #1 Best Places to Live in the State of California and #17 Best Places to Live in America, as awarded by Money Magazine, 2016.

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