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Time for 2017 our-life

By Julia Rohrabaugh

Time. It’s not something to take lightly, but it’s also not something to spend your quiet moments pondering about. This idea of time, that one second gone is one you’ll never get back, can be frightening. Our time is precious, so we want to control how we spend it. What I find though, is the harder you try to control something, the more out of control it becomes.

This past year has been a tough one for me and my family, as I assume it has for many, many families. Humans have only a number of emotions, however which result from infinite possible circumstances, relationships, or moods. No matter what your situations are, there is someone out there that is feeling just the same. Honestly, I say that this year has been the greatest struggle for me in my life. I come out of it knowing that because I cannot predict what is going to happen, I cannot plan and be upset when plans change. The most pain I have ever experienced or observed is when someone loses someone in one form or another, so all other changes in plans don’t seem so bad anymore. I come out of this year with a better perspective of what brings me joy, where I place my value, and then how I should devote my time.

Taking the minutes of our life and devoting it to being with others, I’d say, is the most precious gift. Unfortunately, I see myself and other people abusing the opportunity to spend time with one another. It isn’t just time that you give to people. People need attention, they need your mind, your thoughts, conversation, ideas, plans, jokes, hobbies, interests, etc. It’s an exchange though. It is an investment. Hoping that pouring into someone, they may just pour back. It is a fact that energy is not created nor destroyed, just transferred. When we give up our energy, we are at a deficit, and we need to be filled back up again.

I come out of this year with more patience. A gift isn’t genuine when you’re expecting one right back, is it? That would be self-seeking. I am motivated to devote myself to people by knowing that everyone needs to be filled, because in truth I do not feel full myself all the time.

The new year coming around is an even greater reminder that time is continuous. However precious time is, we cannot hold it in our wallet, and choose when to spend it. We just have to keep going with it. My New Year’s Resolution is that we do not let the cruel intentions of the world stop us from relating to one another, we keep pursuing one another and don’t let each other go unseen.

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