When did fear become your master?

By Michael Armijofear

When I sat at my desk I felt this uneasy queasiness overwhelm me. It was a nauseating feeling as though someone had kicked me in the stomach, and although the beating was over, I could still feel the soreness. It lingered as long as my failure to act lingered. I knew I had to march into that office and begin my new quest of pursuing my dream. But I just couldn’t do it that day, so I waited. And then I waited. Soon, the wait went from hours, to days, to weeks, then months. Until finally it went on for years…… I was too fearful to leave. Too afraid to pursue a career I’ve always dreamt about.

How many times have you heard or felt: “I just can’t do it, I’m too afraid.” How many times have you heard or said: “maybe someday, but not right now.” Or the worst feeling I’ve felt: “I just can’t love again because I’m afraid of being hurt.” Every time I hear those phrases I have to ask “when did i become so fearful I just couldn’t make a move?”

I’m a firm believer in: “you can do whatever you want in life and you can have whatever you desire. You can be wherever you want to be.” A single emotion can hold many of us back (and has held me back many times), when fear interferes with a goal. A desire. A passion. A dream. When fear takes hold of those things from your mind and cheats your heart. It can take things from your family as well.

My father claimed he was a cautious man, he did things what he SAID was out of caution. I believe it was completely out of fear. He set out to do many things but he never did, although he had the means to do so. He acted like a pauper, but he died with almost a million dollars in property.

You see, we have the confidence inside us, the confidence we’re born with. It’s a confidence we deserve. I believe when we carry this and our ability, we become whatever we want to become. But when fear overwhelms us it starts to take control. You don’t take chances, you don’t roll the dice, you let fear overpower and overcome that birth given confidence. This is the time when you have hit a low in your life. This is a time when you paralyze yourself. A time you are actually standing still. Because this is the time when fear has become your master.


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