A Personal Touch

By Pastor Mark Hopper


It seems that whenever you call a local utility or cable provider, you get voice mail.  The voice on the other end of the line seems cheerful and friendly, but it’s just a computer that you’re talking to.

Recently, I called my local cable company to request a reduction in my monthly payment.  The friendly voice asked for my account number and other personal information.  After I entered the information the computer requested, I assumed I would be connected to a service representative.

But that was not the case.  Now the computer wanted to know why I was calling.  Did I need service or sales?  Did I have a technical problem, or did I have a problem with my billing?

My best strategy is to ask for “service” or just say “help.”  I repeat this over and over again into the phone, but the computer tries to cut me off and ask me additional questions.  I keep saying “help” and “representative,” hoping I can talk faster than the computer voice.

Then, the computer says, “I see you want to talk with a representative.”  The computer continues by saying, “If this is correct, press one. If this is not correct, press two.  I press “1”.

Finally, I have a real person on the phone.  He greets me enthusiastically.  He seems genuinely interested in my situation.  He wants to solve my problem.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier and faster if a real person had answered my call in the first place.  Why do I need to talk with a computer for five minutes when I still need a real person to solve my problem?

It is true that computers do help make our lives easier and our banking faster.  Computers can provide navigation for our cars and provide information at our finger tips.

But, there are some things that computers cannot do. There are problems that computers cannot solve.  We still need people.  People helping other people.

Let me encourage you to be more alert and aware of the people in your life.  Your co-workers family members and classmates are vital in your life.  Why not express your appreciation to some of them this week?  Tell them how much you appreciate their encouragement and support.  They will be glad you did and you will too.


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