Man Arrested For 8 Year Old’s Murder

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino Hills – This past Sunday a man was arrested on the charge of murder by drive-by shooting of an 8-year-old boy in Pomona, CA.

On March 26, Sengchan Houl, aged 35 of Pomona, was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder for the demise of Jonah Hwang, a young boy shot to death on February 20th of this year. The shooting occurred on 1100 block of West 11th Street in Pomona.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will decide later whether or not to seek the death penalty against Houl, who is currently being held without bail while waiting arraignment on April 26 of this year. The murder charge includes the allegation of murder committed while firing from a motor vehicle.

At the time of the shooting, the boy was in the home with his family while visiting friends for dinner. He was struck by the bullet and killed upon impact. Police have stated that the family formerly residing at the house of the aforementioned crime had no gang affiliations.

Pomona police Chief Paul Capraro, during news conference that ensued the Monday following the shooting, declared there have been four shootings in total since January of this year aimed directly at this house, but for unknown reasons.

“On three of the shootings, the house was unoccupied,” stated Capraro. “Evidence suggests that all four of these shootings are related.”

Investigators were able to identify the vehicle used in all four shootings, and thereafter arrested Houl this past Sunday.

Regarding the arrest, Capraro attested, “Mr. Houl was stopped (while) driving the suspect vehicle…In his possession at the time of his arrest was a firearm that we believe was used in the shootings.”

The motive for these shootings remains unclear, and the investigation continues. Capraro stated police are trying to discover any other accomplices.

The suspect does not have an extensive criminal record, and it is unknown if he is or was involved in criminal organizations.

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