2 Die and 4 Injured in Church Parking Lot Accident

By Marissa Mitchell


Chino – A man driving a sports utility vehicle (SUV) struck six people in a church parking lot on Sunday, April 9, killing two and injuring four. Police say it was not terrorist-related.

The crash occurred at 7 p.m. in the parking lot of East Sarang Community Church, locate at 5540 Schaefer Avenue in Chino, CA. After an event held at the church, the senior male driver of the charcoal gray SUV reversed too forcibly when backing out, going over a curb and striking six pedestrians.

All six victims were women, and two were killed immediately upon impact. The other four were seriously injured, but with non-life threatening injuries. The driver and his passenger also sustained non-serious injuries, per the police, and were transported to the hospital as well.

“We do not believe that any alcohol or drugs played a part in this collision,” stated Lt. Kevin Mensen of Chino PD. The investigation is ongoing.

All six female victims were attending the event at the church, but were not members.

Police do not believe the crash to be intentional, but there is no immediate cause for the crash at this time.

Kevin Mensen stated of the driver, “We don’t know what his coherentness was. We don’t know what caused [his sudden acceleration], whether his age or anything else.”

The names of the person involved have yet to be released.

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