Heart 2 Serve: Offering Hope to the Hopeless

Combining Community Outreach with Business Services

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino Hills – For four years now, an organization has existed somewhat under the radar providing services to both individuals and the community at large.

Heart 2 Serve, a privately owned and operated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, currently assists adult individuals in substance abuse recovery and reintegration as productive members of society through community service and construction businesses offered to the San Bernardino and Los Angeles County areas.

This faith-based (Christian) organization was founded by Brian and Cindy Baughman, with the help of fellow faith members, in 2013. It initially began as a construction company, followed by what was termed an “RV ministry” for transitional living. In 2015, Heart 2 Serve, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) entity, focused entirely on individuals who truly wanted help.

Heart 2 Serve provides all that is necessary to rebuild individual lives that have fallen into hopelessness due to substance addiction through the business built from these humble beginnings. Currently, the organization assists often-stigmatized individuals, including parolees and homeless persons, in their recovery through provision of work, shelter, food, and clothing, so as to reintegrate them as productive members of society.

Heart 2 serve offers a 2-year program that begins with establishing a life-plan of achievable goals designed to measure a client’s progress, rebuild his confidence, and discover newfound hope.

According to its mission statement, Heart 2 Serve Inc. is “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” From the ashes of all the ruins of lives destroyed by addiction, there is birthed a new life amidst despair in the act of serving others. Thus, the name was chosen: Heart 2 Serve.

Among the services required and/or available for a client of the transitional living and reintegration program is participation in the following: substance abuse recovery programs (12 Step meetings), spiritual counseling, safe shelter, employment and skill training (through the construction and moving services training), health and care, food and clothing, legal assistance, education and transportation, and, finally, gainful employment.

The professional contracting and moving services that Heart 2 Serve provides through its nonprofit not only helps fun their ministry, but it also offers an opportunity for individuals in the program to learn new skills and earn an income.

To that end, Heart 2 Serve is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor, able to meet every commercial and residential construction and moving needs.

What attracts individuals and businesses to hire Heart 2 Serve over other companies is not just the low pricing, but, as a non-profit, there is also a substantial tax savings provided in using the service, as it is considered a “charitable contribution” on tax forms.
Good cause. Good savings. Rebuilding society from the ground up – literally. Not much else one could desire from a nonprofit, really.
For more information, visit www.h2si.org.


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