A Place Called Brilliance

By Michael Armijo

I believe in the old premonition that we all have a special purpose in this world, but I also believe that each of us holds a special talent. We all possess “special powers.”
It’s not fable-like, or something you’re “born with,” but more of a skill that we hold. A passion we’ve spent our lives preparing for and defining. Something we are really good at.
I believe we all have something special inside of us, something that we grew to love, were exposed to all our lives, or something we’ve spent countless hours doing. And now, after dedicating so many years to this passion, we’ve found ourselves experts at that one thing we do.
Whether it’s a simple job, or a defined art, it’s our dedication and desire that makes us great at what we do. And I believe that there is no job that is demeaning or unworthy, just as long as we take pride in it and embrace that we’re experts at it.
Not all of us can quite claim fame to a particular ability, because there are only some of us that have found a route, or a path, that has given us the freedom in our lives. And there are others who have not. That path has set us free of having to create self worth, experiencing self-pity, and feeling selfishness. We’ve learned our special purpose, and we’ve defined it. We’ve perfected our craft; we’ve polished our crystal ball.
And then there are the others. The ones who haven’t seen the light, developed the confidence, or haven’t found their special purpose. They still spend countless hours watching the time clock, bearer to their insecurities, prisoner to their past. They hold a special talent that they’re either too detached to realize or too insecure to pursue. I know that for a fact, because that described me years ago.
It’s too bad for those who haven’t yet felt their own light. It harbors inside them, it looks for opportunities to flourish. It wants to come out, like an eagle, and spread its wings, to fly and soar above the earth. But we often clip its wings and often discourage it from taking flight because we are fearful or sometimes allow obstacles to get in the way.
I’ve recognized my special place, my brilliance, on a dark and lonely day. I felt pain, and one day, at 13 years of age, I wrote about it. I was candid, I was open, and I was honest. It made me feel so powerful and gave me so much freedom that I realized my calling. So I continued and I practice. Today, it’s my living. Tomorrow it will be my survival for retirement.
I believe that when we explore the secrets we hold special to our heart, when we pursue the special interests we feel we’re good at and love to do, we find ourselves at a special place. A special place known to few, an arena that moves mountains, makes us soar like the birds in the sky. A place that gives us a feeling as though we’re as fearless as an ancient warrior, or a common-day hero. A place where we’re at our best, where we learn our calling, where we find ourselves. A place in our hearts and minds that is and always will be there once we gather the courage to seek it out within ourselves. A place we are so comfortable, so content, so adamant about being. Where we shine and feel the presence of how intelligent we are. Because when we feel it, we are only embracing what’s already there. We are embracing something deep inside us all, a place called “brilliance.”


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