Safety Tips From LASD

By Captain Alfred Reyes

Walnut – As your Walnut Diamond Bar Sheriff Captain, I would like to encourage you to be proactive in your community as honorary “volunteers” in helping our community remain safe. We would like to promote a few safety tips you should find helpful:

1.      Don’t become a victim of mail theft.  Remove your mail from your mailbox promptly after delivery.  Enroll in the USPS Informed Delivery Program

2.      Keep your car doors locked and do not leave personal items such as back packs, laptop cases, and electronic devices in plain view. 

3.      Report suspicious vehicle and people who may be casing an area to commit a crime. 

4.      If you are considering installing a burglar alarm, be sure to place a sensor on upstairs bedroom sliding glass doors. 

5.      If you own a late 1990’s to early 2000 Honda or Toyota, consider installing an anti-theft device such as an audible alarm, kill switch or steering wheel lock.

6.      Utilize the vacation check program.  (Residence can request patrol checks of their property while on vacation).

7.      Get involved, join a Neighborhood Watch Program.         

These are simple tips that could help you avoid being a victim of a senseless and random crime. Keep an eye out for anything or anyone that may be an obvious sign of a crime or safety issue. Thanks for making this such a great community.