Dry Cleaner Robbed

By Michael Armijo
Diamond Bar – A Diamond Bar dry cleaner was robbed Monday at gunpoint, but only fleeing with $50, LA County Sheriff Sergeant Mark Saldecke confirmed.
Country Cleaners, located on Golden Springs and Lemon Ave in Diamond Bar, was robbed when a man in his 30’s wearing a dark shirt and carrying a semi automatic weapon. The owner complied and gave him the money in the cash register.
The suspect was described as Hispanic, weighing about 160 pounds, Saldecke said.
“Crimes like this are so random and spontaneous its best to just comply,” Sgt. Saldecke said. “But to deter such crimes install cameras and signage that you are on camera,” he added.
Saldecke pointed out that a criminal is less likely to rob a place he feels he could be recognized or caught. He said he has handed out flyers with suspect photos from cameras that catch tattoos, unique clothing and vehicle descriptions.
“Our best advice is to comply,” Saldecke said. “Some victims have chased the criminal and have gotten shot for a minimal amount of money. I do not recommend you try to apprehend a criminal especially if they are armed. You could avoid serious injury or death.”

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