Lakers Meet With Local Basketball Star

Photo by: Marissa Mitchell

By Michael Armijo
Chino Hills – Chino Hills resident, former Chino Hills High standout, and former UCLA star Lonzo Ball was interviewed and worked out with the professional NBA team Los Anglees Lakers last week, the team he had said he would prefer to play with.
The Lakers have the number two pick in next week’s NBA draft and Ball has been on their radar. Team executives spend the morning last week for a second workout with Ball.
The Ball family has been in the spotlight quite a few times this year, not just for on the field play but a whole new era of sports media and paraphernalia is emerging in the form of “Big Baller Brand” clothing and apparel line.
LaVar Ball, father of basketball prodigies Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball (both at Chino Hills High), has turned the sports branding world upside down through the creation of this “triple-B” brand. LaVar currently runs the business as a “family business”…but it won’t stay that way for long.
Most known for his bold statements in the media (such as his statement that his son could outplay Steph Curry, or that he himself could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one), LaVar is more “infamous” than famous at this point in time. Nonetheless, the superb athleticism of his sons is undisputed, especially with his son Lonzo leading the UCLA team, so far victoriously, through the NCAA championship.
Unlike LeBron James, who signed a $90 million dollar deal before the 2003 NBA draft, Lonzo Ball will own a portion of his own brand. “[James doesn’t] have a brand—that’s a brand that Nike created,” LaVar stated. “Try to go somewhere with that King sign and take it from Nike. You can’t do that. These triple B’s? They’re mine.”
Other news the Ball family has created was when Chino Hills High student Lexi Anderson underwent a heart transplant in March this year and her fellow classmate dedicated his stellar performace in her honor. Her struggle received a good deal of media attention when her classmate LaMelo Ball scored an impressive 92 points in a Chino Hills High basketball game, and he subsequently dedicated the outcome of the game entirely to her.
The surgery performed on March 6th lasted 12 hours. According to her father, Todd Anderson, “Alexis has been recovering very well since her transplant.” Her body has not rejected the new heart in any way, and her vitals are stable. He said, “In my opinion she has been improving at a faster rate than expected.”
And in another incident after all the media attention, the Ball family home was burglarized while they were away at a televised high school playoff game.
Chino Hills Sheriffs Department are still looking for two males “wearing dark clothes” after a possible burglary was reported at the home of three basketball standouts while they played in a nationally televised game.
The Sheriff’s Department received a “possible burglary” call and were called out to the 16000 block of Aquamarine Court after a neighbor reportedly heard glass breaking next door.
A search of the area on foot and via helicopter was inconclusive as the two suspects were not found.
Since no suspects were caught, it’s not known whether the burglars knew the family would be in Lawndale for the game.
Police found a pile of the homeowners possessions stacked up in the home, indicating a burglary was most likely interrupted.
LiAngelo Ball was quoted as saying the door was messed up and things were outside the closet, local reports said.
Anyone with information about this burglary can contact the Chino Hills Police Station’s detective bureau at (909) 364-2000.
Wish the family luck as they encounter their dreams via college, pro, and merchandising for the basketball family. (Marissa Mitchell contributed to this story)

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