Men and Women

By Mark Hopper

My wife and I recently enjoyed a restful vacation at an older beach community.  The setting was lovely and the weather was great.  We really enjoyed our time there. We stayed at a condo a short walk from the beach.  Sometimes we would drive to a nearby coffee shop or breakfast place to start our day.  As we drove along, we noticed that there were a lot of people wallking and jogging on the sidewalks just above the beach. There were men and women of all ages.  Some were walking alone and others with a partner or two.  Some of the women were pushing high tech baby strollers with bicycle type tires and streamlined contours.  They sure look different than the four-wheeled strollers we used when our kids were young!   There were a lot of older adults out too early but very few teens!

As we observed this early morning activity, my wife and I began to wonder if there were more men or more women involved in this daily routine.  So, we started counting.  Each day we made a mental note if we saw more men or more women.  What do you think we learned? Almost every day, there were more women than men walking or jogging along the street.  I think there was one day where the men won, but most of the time there were more women walking, running and exercising.  I must admit that I was a little surprised.  I thought that the men would be out exercising and that the women would be home making breakfast and taking care of the kids or grandkids. I was wrong.  The women consistently outnumbered the men.  Younger women were jogging along the sidewalk wearing stylish shorts and tops with their hair in a pony tail.  They had a bounce in their step and looked like they had already been to the gym.  Older women were walking at a slower pace but seemed to be enjoying the beautiful scenery and conversation with a friend.

We did see some younger men wearing conventional shorts and not wearing shirts.  They looked pretty “buff” and were very sweaty (sp).  Older men were typically walking alone at a slower pace.  And, there were some couples walking or jogging together, too. I suspect that most of the men were still in bed or at best sitting in their PJ’s drinking a cup of coffee on the veranda (sp) back at their condo.  Maybe the younger men were already too busy playing games on their computers or smart phones.  Some of the men may have been on the phone talking with their office back home.

It seemed clear to my wife and I that the women were on the move and the men were not.  I wonder if this is true at the local gym too? Are there more women than men at 24 Hour Fitness?  Do the women outnumber the men at Crunch or LA Fitness too? I wonder if this is true in our country?  Are the men sleeping in and the women out exercising?  Have the men become couch potatoes?  Are the women in our country setting the pace when it comes to exercise and better health? I realize that our survey does not meet scientific standards and may not be completely accurate.  We were just one couple in one community observing human behavior for one week.  Obviously more study needs to be done in this area. You need to draw your own conclusions.

My conclusion is this – two cheers for the active women.  Keep it up – you are doing great!  My challenge for the men is – get out of bed, get off the couch and get out the door.  Join a gym or find a jogging partner.   Both men and women of all ages need regular exercise.  It is good for the body, mind and soul.  Take the first step toward better health this week!  You will be glad you did and your family will too.

Pastor Mark Hopper
Efree Church of Diamond Bar
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