Predator Stalking Reported at Target in Eastvale


Today i went into the Eastvale Target off of Limonite and Hamner around 11:15am. With me, i had my two children, ages 2 and almost 4. I saw a few friends upon walking in, said hello, and went on shopping. I was in the card department when i noticed a man kind of lingering, and staring a bit in our direction. When i looked his direction, he would quickly turn. No big deal. After that, it seemed that every single aisle i went down, there he was. School supply aisle, there he was. Feminine product aisles, there he was. Laundry detergent aisle, there he was. Oddly enough, he had no shopping cart, no basket, nothing. I payed close attention to him at this point. I purposely started wandering the opposite direction i was going, and down random aisles. Low and behold….THERE HE WAS, FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE I WENT! I constantly hear and see stories about child abductions and sex trafficking young children in department stores such as Target. So i am very aware when i shop with my children. I started to panic a bit. He wasn’t buying anything at all. Just scimming the aisles and watching my every move. I looked up, and across the store i saw my friend. I rushed over to her and started telling her about this guy, whom she noticed as well. Within seconds, he was about 10 feet from us. I looked him straight in the face and said in a stern voice…”I know what you’re doing!” He looked right at me and smirked. (If you were innocent and had no ill intent, don’t you think he should of had a surprised or irritated reaction towards me?…but nope, he smiled in the most creepy way, and turned away, just standing there. We saw an employee and let them know what was going on, so she alerted the security as well as the other Target employees. The man disappeared for a short period of time, only to be following us again. I lost him for a bit as i headed to the front of the store to check out. My friend said she would meet me up there. I told the cashier what was going on, and that i would like a man employee to walk me to my car. As soon as i finished telling her, there the man was, about 15 feet away, standing in the Starbucks! The young man who was to walk me to my car, went and watched him on the outskirts of the Starbucks entrance. The strange man then ordered a small drink (im thinking bc he knew he was being watched, then and sat down.) When my friend cashed out, we grabbed another employee and the 2 of them, walked us to our cars safely. As we were walking out, he was sitting there in Starbucks, body completely turned towards the exit, staring straight at us. I don’t 100% know his intent, but i can assure you from a mother’s gut feeling, it was not good! Please be aware, and keep your children close when shopping. Here is a description of the man: Approximately 5’5, maybe 150/160 lbs, maybe mid 50’s he was wearing yellow pants, a dark shirt, and a fanny pack. he had salt and pepper gray hair, and bright hazel eyes. Not sure of his ethnicity, but looked white with a mix of middle eastern if I had to guess. And YES, I did call the local authorities and they did go to that Target, but the man was gone when they had arrived. So they are keeping his description under radar. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, AND SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! #eastvale #stalker #target #crime #eastvalecrime

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