City Installs New Signs

Courtesy City of Eastvale


Eastvale – The City of Eastvale will be installing 18 new signs at 9 different locations throughout Eastvale to prohibit “Commercial Trailer/Semi Trailer” and “Commercial Vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight over 10,000lbs” from parking in the Residential District, under the Eastvale Municipal Code (EMC) 10.20.160.
The following locations are where the new signs will be posted:

Northbound Hamner Avenue between Citrus Street and Schleisman Road

Westbound Limonite Avenue, West of the I-15

Southbound Hamner Avenue, South of Bellgrave Avenue

Westbound of 68th Street, East of Tarah Street

Westbound Bellgrave Avenue, West of I-15

Southbound Archibald Avenue, North of Limonite Avenue

Eastbound Schleisman Road, East of Hellman Avenue

Eastbound Chandler Street, East of Hellman Avenue

Nortbound Archibald Avenue, North of the Santa Ana River Bridg

If you have any questions please call Public Works at (951) 703-4470.

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