2 CH Residents Jailed After Marijuana Bust

Courtesy: ANAPR File Photo

By Mireya Delapaz

Chino Hills – A chase ensued in Chino Hills this week that led to 2 arrests for the growth and possession of marijuana.

The two suspects, Zhi Cheng, 40 and Hui Yuan Li, 37, were being chased for 5 miles on the 71 freeway near the Westbound I-10 before getting arrested.

There were arrested on suspicion of marijuana cultivation and failure to yield a traffic stop. Deputies then searched their 5 bedroom home that was turned into a grow house, in the block of Dynelo Avenue in Chino Hills on Tuesday at 3 pm to find 391 plants, over 4 pounds of marijuana.

The last arrest for this was in 2016, when cultivation of marijuana charges were filed on suspects Michael Nguyen and Sheryl Nyguen. They were arrested for having 157 marijuana plants and 16 pounds of processed marijuana in their home.

According to the California Marijuana Laws and Prop 64, it is legal to posess up to one ounce of marijuana and up to 6 plants for adults that are 21 and over. Commercial sale and cultivation is only allowed by licensed providers and Illegal sale and or possession is a misdemeanor. Not until 2018, Prop 64 will then allow the sale of marijuana for adult use in licensed stores under regulations. Therefore, it is illegal to have a grow house in California and sell without consent.

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