Christian Radio Show Seeks to Inspire Youth with Local Male Role Models

By Anthony Chan

 Anthony Saude, a talk radio host at “Men of Impakt,” has always thought of starting a positive movement to reestablish Christian values and ideals as things for youth to aspire to. Concerned about a growing trend of people rejecting traditional morals and virtues, Mr. Saude has become motivated to effect positive change in the world.

 “We taught our children to look at the wrong heroes,” says Mr Saude. If we continue down this path, “we’re headed to Hell in a handbasket.” Mr. Saude believes that by showing the world good, ordinary men who do the right thing and “take care of the kids [and] treat [their] wives well,” he can inspire a new generation of Christian men who uphold the virtues of Jesus and the Bible.

 By “modeling ourselves after Jesus,” we can become a “Mighty Man of Valor” just as the Bible says, says Mr. Saude. We need to “fight outside pressures to do what makes you feel good” and instead do what’s right by “following Jesus, doing the right thing, and making it known.”

 Although his radio show “Men of Impakt” features men, Mr. Saude makes it clear that he does not intend to suggest that there are no “Women of Impakt” but rather it is men who should bear the responsibility of fixing a morally corrupt world. Because “women did not create sex trafficking, porn, [and] domestic violence,” it is “Men [who] screwed it up, [men who should] fix it.”

 From a Bible study group at church, Mr. Saude partnered with Shawn Kelly at Hope Radio 24/7 start “Men of Impakt.” Next week, the radio talk show will feature Eric Ray, a father of three boys who has been distinguished as a positive influence to his friends at church and to the community. The feature will be part of a series titled, “Raising God’s Children in a God Challenged World” and will bring listeners a chance to learn about marriage, health, and finance from a Christian perspective.

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