Housekeeper Arrested For Burglary

Staff Reports

Rowland Heights – Marco Rivas, a 25 year old man from Rowland Heights was stopped by Walnut deputies on a routine traffic stop. He was driving a Green Honda Accord and was pulled over at Batson Avenue and Colima Road. When the deputies questioned Rivas they discovered that he was had never been issued a driver’s license in his life. Upon a search of his vehicle a large Samsonite bag containing jewelry and jewelry boxes with Asian writing on them were found. The search also produced several smaller bags containing watches, electronics, and credit cards in other people’s names. The last thing they were able to find was a bag with what can be described as burglary type tools. Rivas was arrested for receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools. Later at the station during questioning Rivas confessed to stealing the items while working as a housekeeper. According to Captain Reyes of the LACSD at the Walnut/Diamond Bar Station, “they have only able to trace one of the victim’s credit cards back to them and have not been able to identify the victim’s of any of the stolen jewelry or other credit cards”. The case was rejected because the LA County District Attorney’s office did not approve of the complaint report that was filed and decided not to prosecute Rivas. Not all arrests or citations result in the filing of criminal charges. In some cases district attorney’s office may decline to prosecute or “reject” a case if there is insufficient evidence or if more investigation is required. The statute of limitations for the district attorney’s office to file misdemeanor charges is generally one year and they three years to file on most felonies.