Mailbox Thefts Recur

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Eastvale – Another cluster of Mailboxes have been broken into last week at the corner of Post and Lost Fort Place, and please alert residents about their mail being missing. But most mail thefts occur at night, so its recommended to pick up your mail every day after your courier has arrived, most likely by 5 pm.

A few months back, residents reported thefts off Spring and Nicole Court, on the side of Riverboat and King River, and up and down Tisdale. Many believe that the thefts had increased at that time because of expected tax returns. However, these thefts have been going on for a long time and they are not unique to Eastvale. Mail thefts have been reported in Corona, Norco, Chino and other surrounding areas.

But local Police and the US Postal Service are adamant about stopping these thefts from occurring.

“The United States Postal Inspection Service will continue to bring violators to justice to secure the integrity of the U.S. Mail,” said Postal Inspector in Charge, Robert Wemyss in a statement. “Protecting the ability to use the mail in a safe and secure manner is at the core of the Postal Inspection Service’s mission,” he added.

“Mail theft and other property crimes are a rising problem and trend in this region,” said Corona Police Department Chief of Police Michael Abel. “We take these matters seriously and truly appreciate the joint cooperation in this prosecution. It’s important that we hold suspects such as these accountable for their actions.”

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