CITY OF EASTVALE, CA (September 25, 2017) Eastvale resident and community advocate Dr. Don Pettinger was recognized as Eastvale’s 2017 Community Hero at the LA County Fair on Friday, September 22, 2017. Nominations were opened to the community during
the month of July seeking submissions for a resident they felt made selfless contributions to the city and has gone “above and beyond” in their efforts. Amongst other nominees, Dr. Pettinger was selected as the recipient for his contributions and leadership on various projects for the improvement of Eastvale. Dr. Pettinger collaborated with the City to develop a Community Fruit Orchard project that is intended to provide education to the community on orchard culture, build community and enhance beautification. Also as a certified Master Gardner and member of the Eastvale Garden Group, Dr. Pettinger cares for the Oklahoma City Bombing “Survivor Tree” sapling that was donated to the City as part of the new fire station grand opening. In an effort to enhance community safety, Dr. Pettinger has worked with City officials to rebuild the city’s neighborhood watch program. The redesign of this program has been presented to many new
neighborhood watch zones to which over 400 residents have attended. In addition, Dr. Pettinger leads and moderates an active social media site that has been instrumental in disseminating important information to the community. Professionally Dr. Pettinger is the CEO of a private school system and is working on his second doctorate in Homeland Security. He is certified in a number of FEMA courses and specializes in school security and safety. Don and his wife of 32 years, Denise, have three adult children and enjoying spending time with their grandchildren. Thank you to Don and his family for continually supporting Eastvale!


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