Total Care Heating And Air

By Anthony Saude

Corona– Total Care Heating and Air (TCHA) is more than just a catchy slogan, “Your wife is HOT, show her you care fix the air”, they are a full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning company. TCHA is a family owned business that has been open for the past 29 years. Four generations of tradesman are here to help with all your air conditioning and heating and plumbing needs. They pride themselves in providing superior service and customer relationships. At TCHA you can expect prompt and courteous service 6 days, a week and emergency service on Sundays.  Whether it is a new installation or a repair for your current equipment TCHA is the right AC company for the job. Plumbing has been in the family since the 1940’s and great pride is taken in that fact at the office by everyone. Their featured services include Air Conditioning, Heating, Duct Cleaning and Plumbing. Living in the Inland Empire can be very hot and people tend to put things off until they are broken, which of course is when the A/C companies are extremely busy. TCHA has a preventative maintenance plan that was created to help customers avoid the huge repair bills that dirty or inadequate equipment ultimately cost you. When the time comes to replace costly equipment, and it will, the financial burden can be too much for the customer to pay all at once. This is why TCHA offers Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) Financing Program, a program developed by contractors, for Contractors. Historically the process a contractor had to use for a homeowner to get financed was labor intensive and very confusing. EGIA has put together what they believe is the simplest application processes in the history of the industry. They have made it possible for contractors to get approval for a reasonable payment while they are still in the home with the customer.  Indoor Air Quality Facts:The average 6 room house collects 40 pounds of dust a year (Discover Magazine)Air ducts have more germs than a chicken coop (American Lung Association)EPA claims indoor air has been found to be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air (EPA)Children are more likely than adults to be affected by polluted indoor air (Dept. of Consumer Affairs)A build up of 0.42 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21% (EPA)9 out of 10 heating, ventilating, air conditioning systems failures are caused by dust and dirt (Louisiana Coop Extension Service)Many people have allergic reactions to pollen, bacteria, dust mites, mold, and animal dander. Allergies including hay fever and asthma affect 41 million Americans or about one out of six people.The air inside your home is usually 10 times dirtier that it is outside. Major health issues can arise if you don’t make sure your equipment gets an A+ rating from the guys at Total Care Heating and Air. Servicing all of Southern California you can reach them at 844-438-8682 or request an estimate on the website call them first, you won’t be disappointed. Their address is 2867 Sampson Ave, Corona CA 92879

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