Heaven Is In The Sun

By Michael Armijo

Faith in God is so incredibly hard to describe.  It something you have to believe in, something that can’t be physically proven, something that you just have to say to yourself “I know He exists.”  But how do you begin? Where does it all start?  How do you convince someone that there is a God, whom you cannot see, but say that you can only feel? I believe that faith in God begins when you’re a child.  I believe that behavior is implemented when your kids are very young, and if you want your child to have any sense of God, or sense of a power greater than ourselves, it begins when they are very young children.

But one element that I believe my parents never thought of is the element of creativity. The fact that some people live their lives creatively and passionately will sometimes lead to other philosophies of who God is and how he exists in our lives. Being raised a specific religion and being taught that those particular philosophies that were interpreted by the individuals that I knew, I refused to believe what those individuals taught me about God.  They told me about the God that was revengeful, angry, jealous, and expected obedience.  To this day, I am still unclear of what this religion truly represents; I believe that what I was told was what OUR church believed, and not what the TRUE church felt.  I refuse to believe God will hurt us if we don’t obey, that He will plague our lives if we don’t do what He says, and that we must go to church out of fear instead of love. Being a creative person, I believe the philosophies of God are different.  I believe that there really is a God, a being greater than ourselves, but I believe in going to church out of love, not out of fear.  I also believe that this world is not ‘controlled’ by God, just guided by him.  He has given us the philosophies that will help us become successful with the world, the logic necessary to understand human nature and accept the improprieties that will tear at the human spirit. I believe that what we experience here on earth is here for the moment, here for our one time experience I believe that we are here for today and just as we don’t remember our last life, we will never remember our lives here when we get to the next world. What we do for today is it; this is truly as good as it gets. People get concussions or amnesia because the memories here are from the flesh, from the life we live each day.  Our spirits leave our bodies and somehow become something of a larger sense just as an egg and a sperm become. Heaven isn’t a million miles away, just a place we can’t see because we are in the human sense of life and think as a human, heaven is really very close, a huge ball of energy, a place we cannot get to as humans. The sun is too hot for our human bodies and human materials to endure, so I believe, heaven is in the sun.

He feared Gods revenge instead of feeling Gods love.

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