When “Dad” Becomes a Noun

By Anthony Saude

When children are small being their dad is an action – simply put a verb. You will be “dadding” hard all day every day. It is our job to live like nobody else does so that our children can have a beautiful childhood experience.

There is so many things to teach them about the world both good and bad to protect their future. Everything from sitting up to running a mile and everything that falls in between those lines. Dad is a verb, we are always moving them toward their adult years. Sometimes that movement has to rapid and at others we need to take some time to make sure they get it. We help them work through pain, rejection, frustration, betrayal and even the fact that we really aren’t superman but alas human just like them. We must always be “dadding” with proper direction to navigate all of these required lessons.

“Dadding” does end or at least it should or else the life lessons we need to impart on our adult children will not take place. I know you are thinking “they will always be my baby”, I say “KNOCK THAT OFF” they are grown and now they need to make decisions of their own.

Oh, they will suck at it that is for sure but they are intelligent enough and should have had enough training from us to continue to get better at it.

We need to become “Dad” the noun just like they need to become our “child the adult”. Dad is now who we are it is no longer what we do. Do we listen yes of course, do we give advice again yes of course, but we shouldn’t tell or demand. We don’t wake them up for school; we don’t pay for their gasoline, vacations or anything that we as adults are responsible for ourselves. There is a time and a place for everything and although “Dadding” hard is very critical in your child’s life, let’s not forget that being a “DAD” (noun) is just as important to your adult child’s progression in life. We will make an impact on our child that is 100% guaranteed let’s make it a positive one that creates a much easier adulthood for them.