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Photo Courtesy of Anthony Saude

By Anthony Saude

Corona – It had been a full month now, she was late, and this was a much more serious “late” than missing homeroom class. She didn’t have a job or money; she had just graduated high school and was accepted to the college of her choice. Her and her boyfriend weren’t serious and decided that they wouldn’t continue the relationship when they went away to college. So she decided, on her own, to end this without telling anybody about it. Desperate and hopeless she looked up what she thought was an organization that would give her what she wanted. Instead she found a place that would help her navigate through all her options so she could make an informed decision. They confirmed her suspicions, she was pregnant. She and one of the counselors had a good cry and then a great talk. The information they gave her and the help they offered allowed her to make an informed decision. Today, because of that decision her daughter will be bringing the grandchildren to visit for the weekend. She looks up and thanks God that she is able to look into her grandson’s eyes at all. She has never forgotten the people at Corona Life Medical Clinic for showing love and compassion at the time she needed it most. She did get what she really wanted after all. Make the best decision for her and her family.

Corona life Services (CLS) is a non-profit organization located in Corona California has been open for business for the last 20 years helping women, men, and families understand the value and sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception. CLS provides physical, emotional and spiritual support for women and men with unplanned pregnancies.

Christi Bush, the outreach director said, “Most of the people we help bring a lot of guilt, shame and hopelessness with them to our office”. “It can be even worse for the Christian because they have been taught that not only abortion is a sin, but so was the premarital sex that got them here”. “We will ask the prospective parents tough questions that doctors simply don’t ask” says Christi. “For example, has there been any sexual abuse in the family and will your parents REALLY kill you” added Christi. That is why we provide support and counseling to show them there are options even though there may be some anger and emotional pain to navigate first” said Christi.

Kathy Ray the Chairman of CLS said, “In 2017 CLS has been reclassified from a services center to a medical clinic”. “The process was long and very intense; it took several years to accomplish said Kathy”. What does this classification mean to the public? “We are now able to perform Ultra sounds and give pregnancy tests” said Mrs. Ray. She added, “These services by law can only be administered by a registered nurse so now we have 3 paid RN’s and 1 volunteer RN so we always have one on site”. “We let them see their baby on the ultrasound monitor; at an abortion clinic it is policy not to show the parents the screen”.

There are 6 paid staff members and 20 volunteers that make this place run. In the past only women and families could take advantage of the counseling services. This year they have now expanded it to include counseling services for the fathers as well. Parenting classes for the new parents are available to better prepare them to use the tools a parent will need for a job that simply doesn’t come with a owner’s manual.

There is a rewards program for new parents to purchase clothing, bottles, and diapers and just about anything you would need for a new born baby. They can earn reward points towards the merchandise by doing a number of things. The rewards program is based on the honor system parents can earn those points by going to a counseling session, finding a job, reading their bible or taking a parenting class just to name a few.

The clinic has extended their hours of operation to stay open later on Thursdays and for the first time in the 20 year history they will now be open on Fridays. CLS is the only prolife medical center in a 20-30 mile radius.

As of September 30, 2017 CLS has had 891 visitors, administered 315 pregnancy test and 231 ultrasounds resulting in 79 saved babies. During that same time 333 of those visitors were believers, 531 were presented the Gospel and 33 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

CLS has two major fundraising events per year, a dinner banquet and the Walk For Life event that was held on October 7 at Corona City Park. This year the event had the highest participation in the history of the event, over $53,000 raised. It takes a village to pull off an event of this size and the local community and churches did not disappoint again this year. Over the years the competition between individuals and organizations in the area to see who can raise the most money has become a fierce, loving, friendly rivalry. Each church/organization has a team made up of individuals wearing the same shirts so they can be identified with their church or organization. There are recognition awards given out to the top 3 organizations/churches and this year top honors went to New Beginnings Church, Calvary Chapel Corona and Olive Branch Community Church. The top individual honors went to Marlene Weyhgandt. The event was beautiful to see and inspiring to watch the love and dedication displayed by all the volunteers, organizers and the individuals participating.

Corona Life Services

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