Man Arrested For Dog Abuse

By Anthony Saude

Chino Hills – On November 7, 2017, Enping Qu, a 22 year old resident of Chino Hills was arrested after allegedly pouring boiling water on his girlfriends dog. The dog, Sophie was in her cage when the alleged crime place.

The San Bernardino County Sheriffs Deparment was dispatched to the 1600 block of Butterfield Ranch in response to an animal cruelty call from a nearby resident. The resident stated that he could hear a dog (Sophie) yelping in pain and observed the Qu pouring boiling water into the cage on the dog at least five times. It was reported that he told the deputies that he was able to capture it on video using his phone.

In a statement released by the Sheriff’s Department, the deputies conducted a welfare check on the dog and found a tea kettle with scorching hot water in it and the dog’s fur and skin were still warm to the touch.

Official at the Inland Valley Humane Society, where Sophie was taken, measured the water at 129 degrees. Sophie was transferred to a veterinarian and will remain there for observation and examination just to be sure she is ok. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation the video will not be released at this time.

It was reported Qu said the dog belonged to his girlfriend and told the deputies that he thought it was cold water he was using and he had given Sophie a bath earlier that day. The stories didn’t really go together or make a lot of sense at the time. Sophie may be returned to her owner based on what the investigation turns up. Qu was arrested and charged with a PC 597 Animal Cruelty.

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