Christmas Tree Prices are Up

By Anthony Saude

The price of Christmas trees is higher this year due to the recession of 2008. Some Oregon tree farmers simply couldn’t afford to plant trees during the recession and the effects are still being felt. That doesn’t mean that the demand for trees in Chino Valley is down. It takes about 6-7 years to for a Douglas fir to grow and about 10 years for a Noble fir to get to a height to about 7-8 feet.

The shortage was largely unanticipated by both the growers and the sellers, not to mention the buyers. You may have some sticker shock when you are shopping for your tree this year. A five foot tree is selling for about $45 this year and on the whole smaller trees are what are available. Some of that has to do with the amount of money it costs to rent the lots that the sellers need to sell their trees. A lot in Chino Hills is about 3 times more expensive to rent than the same size lot in the city of Ventura. Unfortunately that cost has to be passed down to the buyer.

Smaller lots can’t compete, price wise with some of the big box lots but the trees will get watered more often so they will be fresher when you pick them up. Supply will catch up with demand at some point but for the next few years it looks like the price of Christmas trees will be going up until that happens.

The Chino Hills Christmas Tree Company has been selling trees at the Chino Fairgrounds for the last 10 years and is a staple of the community. Their prices have pretty much stayed the same as they were last year starting at $20 for a table top sized tree and going up to several hundred dollars.

The trees are “selling like crazy” said one tree lot owner even though the prices are up. There is a nursery in Chino Hills, Moon Nursery that sells Christmas as well and their selection is good. If you want to cut your own tree down you will have to travel a little to do so but it might save you some money.

All the lots in Chino Valley offer full service for you if you want to have your tree flocked, need a tree stand with or without water, all at an extra fee of course. They take credit cards and will wrap your tree and help you strap it to your car if you need. A lot of the workers that are employed at these lots are making minimum wage or are the seller themselves so make sure you tip them for their service.

The smell of the holidays is in the air and it smells like pine.

In the city of Chino Hills 

Winter Springs Christmas Trees is at 3295 Grand Ave., at the corner of Grand and Peyton avenues in the Albertson’s shopping center.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Information, 503-339-5410.

They have a Facebook page called Chino Hills Christmas Trees.

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