When Are You Having A Baby?

By Sarah Sanchez 


The common question asked is:

“When are you having a baby?”

Our response is usually vague:

“Soon”, “not now”, “one day maybe”


Or you may hear an excuse,

Of what is now priority:

Careers, traveling, finances,

These “excuses” have seniority


The truth? We think about babies

More than you really know

We’ve discussed names, hobbies, features

And can’t wait to watch them grow


We know that time is ticking,

Complications will keep rising

Longer we wait, the more the risks,

And the more eggs are dying


But it may not be that easy,

Conceiving may take years

Then what about a miscarriage?

See these are all our fears


And family are getting older,

We hope our kids meet them too

But it’s just not the time now;

There are still many things to do


I do admit holding a baby

Make our hearts begin debating,

If a baby came, we’d be excited

To see the blessing God’s creating


Announcing a baby would be great:

Having showers with all of you there

We know IF one was on the way,

You all will show you care


But when the baby would arrive,

Truthfully, that’s what terrifies me

The crying, changing, and sleepless nights;

Oh how different life will be


You see, this is what we think about,

When the subject comes up each day

We’ve talked, cried and even argued,

Asking if one should be on the way


So when you ask a simple question,

Like “when are you having a baby?”

Know that there’s so much more to say

Than “soon”, “not now” or “someday maybe”

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