Clark’s Nutrition

By Staff Reports

Chino– The New Year is here and everybody has some sort of resolution for 2018. With obesity being an epidemic in America naturally the majority of these resolutions have to do with weight loss. Weight loss is simply a symptom of the real problem, our health. Clark’s Nutrition addresses the problem not the symptom. Healthy living is the name of the game and if you aren’t shopping at Clark’s it would be like taking a knife to a gun fight.

During this time of year the Flu is always a big problem and this year is no different. I recently visited Clark’s Nutrition in Chino for the first time. Clark’s is not just bigger and better, but it’s one of the most amazing natural foods stores I’ve ever been in. Staying healthy with their extensive variety of vitamins during this season is the first phase of staying with your resolution. Phase two is the education on how to become healthy from the inside out. The final phase is to essentially change who we are so that 2018 can truly be different. We can say we are going to do something but if we don’t change how we look at things and how we live it simply won’t last.

What’s a Clarks store like? Imagine if you morphed Sprouts, Whole Foods, GNC, and Trader Joes into one store. It would be called Clarks! Clark’s has the largest selection of organic produce, supplements, and natural foods in the Inland Empire. They also have a great bulk foods section, they have grass-fed meats, a full dairy section, and the Chino location even has a juice bar! Clark’s was recently featured on a bus tour that brought other natural foods grocers from all over the world to visit Clarks in Chino. Clark’s has been told they have the largest supplement section in the United States in their Chino location. Basically, if you are looking for it, they’ve got it! I’ve also noticed that Clark’s prices are reasonable on most everything. I was surprised at the pricing since they had so much selection; I thought I would be paying for it; yet another pleasant surprise.

If that isn’t enough to get you into Clarks, they have Nutritional Consultants to help you. These Nutritional Consultants really know a lot about nutrition. Just look for the employees in the maroon shirts. They’re the Nutritional Consultants. Kyle and Joe are a couple of my favorites, but they’re all great. Clark’s has a 5-level training program that takes these Nutritional Consultants about 3 ½ years to complete. This sets them apart from everyone. Starkie Sowers, Clark’s Director of Education writes and teaches these in-house classes. Starkie says, “From the beginning, we knew we wanted to really help people educate themselves about their own health.” No one at Clarks is on commission. Starkie adds, “I’ve been with Clarks for 36 years and although the natural foods industry has grown and changed a great deal, the Clark family have always been committed to providing solid answers for customers trying to navigate their unique heath goals.” Clark’s attracts a wide variety of customers; people with food allergens, those wanting to get/remain fit, moms trying to help their family eat healthier, customers seeking holistic approaches to health and wellness, Vegans, Vegetarians…and the list goes on. Marketing Director, Mike Barnett says, “People are looking for a trusted source for their nutrition questions and Clark’s knowledgeable Nutritional Consultants are the final stop for people looking for real help.”

As a lifelong resident in the Inland Empire, I had heard of Clarks, but didn’t know where their locations are and that they’ve been around since 1972. Clarks’ is family owned and operated. It makes me feel good knowing that I am supporting a small local business rather helping shareholders make more money. All four of Clark’s locations are local: Chino, Riverside, Loma Linda, and Rancho Mirage. I am glad to finally count myself among those that “get it!” My family and I can be found at Clarks in Chino. Discover Clark’s Nutrition and stop settling for less.