Beautifully Balanced

By Michael Armijo

I remember watching an Oscar nominated movie where two characters discussed a life impacting situation: “There’s one in a million chance we’re getting over that fence” the main character said. “Then there’s a chance” said the other.

When I think of this story I am reminded of special human beings who hold a philosophy which mirrors this special scene. People in life who have been filled with short comings and tragedy, high hopes and failed expectations, but throughout: their lives are filled with hope.

It’s interesting to see people constantly try to survive in a world that seems unprepared for them. People who continuously hand out pieces of their heart in an attempt to help others, and in return, the world continually hand those pieces back in the form of heartache.

I’m not sure what gives them the motivation or the energy to get back up after being knocked down so many times. After being told “no” for asking the simple question over a thousand times: “will life ever love me?”

It takes many years of a life of abuse and neglect to distort a human being. But it only takes a moment of pain to give that life away, to other abused individuals. To give your life back into a system that has tried to destroy you. To surround yourself with dysfunctional human beings that may make you feel at home, but will ultimately destroy you and your young children.

So to avoid the norm, to avoid what’s comfortable to this type of life, and to better yourself and your children, is admirable. Especially when you keep trying to make the right decisions, over and over, only to find your background had distorted your ability to see clearly. But something inside keeps allowing you to pick yourself up from the consequences. Even after you know it’s wrong: after you know you’ve once again sought out individuals who are harmful to you and your family. You pick yourself back up, try your best to repair the damage, and then move on, like a carefree gypsy on a quest to survive.

So I applaud you, those who keep “surviving”. I applaud you because I see myself in you: I understand the struggle.

Yes I am speaking to you. And you. And me. And them. We are a family of life challenging and life changing decisions. And we are survivors. But if we look into our common core, we will find that we are beautiful people. With beautiful spirits. And we are simply like heroes of life: we overcome and learn to be beautify balanced.