When I Wake Up

By Anthony Saude

Every day when we wake up, thoughts rush into our minds at an almost frightening pace. For some, those thoughts are sadly centered on the negative circumstances they may be experiencing in their lives. Still, for others it is quite the opposite; their thoughts are centered on the positive things happening in their lives. If we were to look at the state of our country we would have to assume that most are doing the negative thing.

I am not going to lie, when I wake up in the morning their is about a 50/50 chance that I will be doing the positive thing. (See how I just did the positive thing there) I am working on it but my first thoughts can be focused on the negative stuff. Even though I know for certain, that is not a productive way to start my day. I have been known to tell my kids that you can have a good day or a bad day it is your choice, which one do you want.

The goal I am after is that when I wake up, I would have my first thought to be: I am just glad I got to wake up again today. If we can accomplish that, it seems that positive thoughts should more easily follow throughout our day. Every day is a new day that the Lord has made for us; what we do with that day is a choice that we need to make. This type of thinking will take practice but like I always tell my kids “practice makes perfect”. It will take time, energy and intentionality to change negativity to positivity.

When we wake up we get to go out and see if we can’t figure out a way to make somebody’s negative day a positive day. With the state our country is in today, chances are that person could very well be a person or persons that are living in the very house you call home. Let’s start there tomorrow and see where that takes us.