The Amazing Power of Positive Thinking

By Nancy Stoops

I’m always told that I’m a very positive thinker despite all the tragedy my life has brought me.  Yes I’ve experienced many horrific things in my life.  I don’t focus on all that I have lost and on all of the death that I have experienced in my life.  I stay focused on what I have left.  I also spend a lot of time thinking about how very blessed I was to have had those amazing beings in my life even though they have left this world.  It really comes down to how we think about it.  If we stay in a positive mindset and every day we feel gratitude we will experience our lives in a very wonderful manner.  With having a positive mindset we are stronger and more able to overcome the many obstacles that we are challenged with during our lives.   A positive mindset always makes us believe that “we can” rather than “we can’t” and this is huge difference in how we respond to our lives and all that comes with it.  If we stay in the mindset of “we can” then anything is possible and it’s as if we “will” ourselves to get through anything and have a great life no matter what comes our way.

I know life is hard but if you can change your mindset you will literally change your life.  There is a lot of power in changing your mindset from negative to positive.  I think it’s the closest thing to having superpowers us mere mortals can obtain.  You will be amazed how differently your life goes when you embrace the power of the positive mindset.  It’s almost as if now you “will” the universe to send you all the good that you have always been so very deserving of.  Make today the day you become your very own superhero and adopt the power of positive thinking!!!!!

This article was written by Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T.  Nancy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Nancy is now accepting new clients.  She also works as a motivational speaker.  Nancy runs free family support groups, a group on loss for seniors, and groups for teens and can handle many court mandated needs.  For more information about any of these services contact Nancy at (909) 229-0727.  You may e-mail Nancy at You may purchase Nancy’s books Live Heal and Grow and Midnight the Therapy Dog at