I Can’t Wait!!!

By Anthony Saude

I can’t wait until I am a grown up, then I will be able to do whatever I want to. What parent hasn’t spoken or heard those words multiple times in their lives. The super special secret that only the grownups are privileged enough to know that most baloney filled statement ever made.

Grownups long for the days when we were kids, except of course when we were kids. I wonder if this is where the human condition of “wanting what you can’t have” started. We try to tell our kids that they have it easy now that they are kids and then we kill ourselves to make it even easier.

What happens during that time that we are waiting that gives grownups amnesia? We forget the reality is that our kids on a whole in America don’t have it tough. Of course some do, there are always exceptions. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse are real things and we need to be on the lookout for signs. But, that is a story for a different day.

I wish for the days when I could do whatever I wanted. I would trade a cooking dinner for a bedtime. I would trade a mortgage for cleaning my room. I would trade an electricity bill for washing the dishes. I would trade the grocery bill for my meals being chosen for me, I could go on all day.

So young people while you wait enjoy yourself, older folks we don’t get to go back so enjoy yourself. You are where the youngsters want to be.