Train Wreck?

By Anthony Saude

My job is a wreck, my marriage is a wreck, my relationship with my family is a wreck, wow I guess my entire life is a wreck. How many people are thinking one or more of those things right now? Daily? That is a lot of pressure for anybody even though it is never all unwarranted. Our answers? If only I made more money, or I had a better boss. If only my spouse treated me better, my family are a bunch of wackos anyway.

This is where joy has to come into play in our lives. How do we get joy? Well Jesus is the easy answer but we still have to think about the positive effect He has had on our lives. Not always easy based on our circumstances.

Think about these answers for those very same questions; I have a job and endless resources to find one I like better while I am working here. My spouse seems unhappy; I wonder what I could do to make their life a little easier today. I have a family, a lot of people don’t, and they love me. Are we not all our own little special kind of crazy anyway?

Is our life really a wreck or is it us that is the wreck? If so what can we do today to start moving in the right direction? It will take practice but you can start with this thought; if our lives are a wreck then the world we live in is a train wreck. Get off the train and work harder on the positive than you do on the negative. One step at a time, run only after you are able to run. What decisions we make today fuels the life we have tomorrow.