Fear is Funny

Fear is such a strong emotion that it can actually take over our lives, until we die if we let it. Fear is funny even to talk about because we don’t really think about how many levels there are. That is why it goes undetected in our lives.

Fear is funny; think about it, people can fear both failure and success. The same person can fear both without even being aware that is what is going on inside of their minds.

Fear is funny; we fear abandonment then we get married, have children and increase our odds of it happening.

Fear is funny; we can become addicted to substances due to fear of our reality and also fear of the pain getting healthy enough to deal with reality.

Fear is funny; we don’t tell our spouse something out of fear they will get angry or worse and then yell at them for doing the same thing.

Fear keeps us from becoming the person God intended us to be. We are born with a spirit of courage and boldness. The world will always do it’s best to replace that with fear and intimidation. We have to stand tall in the face of fear so that our sons and daughters know what standing tall looks like. Then when fear inevitably enters their mind they will know how to push through the pain and turn their fear into positive energy. I have always said fear and excitement both produce adrenaline how we use that energy is up to us.

Fear is funny; we fear facing our fears as well as we are told don’t run from your fears. Overcoming fears is never an overnight process and it takes practice, intentionality and perseverance. Of course life would be easier if we just played it safe everyday in our professional, personal and marriage relationships but what fun would that be. Do something completely terrifying every day.