Riverside County Sheriff’s That Thwarted Norco College Attack Is Honored

By Anthony Saude

Norco – The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department team, who were responsible for thwarting an attack on Norco College, were honored by the Norco City Council. The forward thinking team used creative methods to stop the attack before the suspect could even start it.

All together there were about 20-30 people who worked for 18 hours straight on February 19 to identify and locate the suspect before his planned plot was able to be carried out. Deputies assigned to the Norco and Jurupa Valley stations, as well as Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary, Capt. Daniel Hedge, Norco station Lt. Eric Briddick and dispatcher Jennifer Hall along with other deputies assigned to the Norco and  Jurupa Valley stations were all part of the team.

The team was praised for some serious out-of-the-box thinking by members of the department that helped identify the people that were going to cause harm. The City Council members presented the sheriff’s employee’s with certificates of appreciation.

It was reported that Mayor Ted Hoffman said, “This is the least we do for the fine job you guys did on this matter. “We appreciate what you guys have done here.”

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department adamantly declined to describe the methods used by this team to thwart the attack. They also declined to allow Hall to be interviewed because the investigation is still ongoing.

On February 19, investigators tracked threats made on the Facebook page of Jacob Ryan McBain, 27, of Norco. He was arrested two days later at his Trail Street Home. Reports show that handguns and an assault rifle were seized from the residence.

McBain has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, two counts of making criminal threats, possession of an assault weapon, two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and three counts of illegally possessing ammunition. McBain plead  not guilty to all charges and is due back in court this month.

McBain’s social media accounts were then used to identify an alleged co-conspirator, Tarence Michael Thomas, 25, of Milwaukie, Oregon. Thomas was arrested on February 28; he faces one count of conspiracy to commit murder. He is currently awaiting extradition from Oregon.

Investigators then used McBain’s social media accounts to identify who they said was a co-conspirator, Tarence Michael Thomas, 25, of  Milwaukie, Oregon. He was arrested on Feb. 28 and faces one count of conspiracy to commit murder. He is awaiting extradition from Oregon.