Street Light Inventory Underway

Staff Reports

Chino Hills–During the next few weeks, Chino Hills residents may see employees of Tanko Lighting walking their neighborhoods. The City of Chino Hills is in the process of purchasing approximately 4,500 street lights from Southern California Edison in order to save money. Tanko Lighting is conducting an inventory of the streetlights. Personnel will be wearing vests and have I.D. badges. Their vehicles will include the Tanko Lighting logo. They will be walking through neighborhoods gathering data on the streetlights and logging information on a mobile device. Residents may call the City Yard at (909) 364- 2800 if they have questions. According to City spokesperson Denise Cattern, the City currently pays a lease rate for maintenance and electricity. After an initial purchase price of approximately $2.7 million, the City will take advantage of Southern California Edison rebates to partially pay for a $1.1 million dollar retrofit of LED bulbs to reduce energy costs. The initial investment will be returned after approximately nine years of reduced energy and maintenance costs. After that, the savings are expected to approach $500,000 per year. The ownership transfer will occur in the coming months.